Just Had Laser Teeth Cleaning And It's Difficult To Chew Food Because Of Tender Gums. Normal?

just had my teeth cleaned by laser(4days ago). difficult to chew food due to tenderness of Gums. is it normal to have pain this long after the laser cleaning

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Tender Gums after Laser Tooth Cleaning

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I'm not sure if you meant tooth whitening or cleaning? If it were whiteneing (bleaching), some of the bleach may have gotten thru the barrier and "burned" your gums. That will heal and feel better in a few more days. You might want to ask your dentist to give you some Vit E ointment to put on (not absolutely necessary). If you just had a cleaning, I'm not sure what you mean by a "laser cleaning". Whatever it was, it's not that unusual for your gums to be slightly more tender following any gum procedure. Try rinsing your mouth a few times/day with warm salt-water.

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Tender Gums after laser

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To have the gums be tender is not unusual especially if you had a lot of build up on your teeth prior to the visit. The easiest things to soothe the irritation would be some warm salt water rinse a couple times/day. Use ~ 1 tsp salt in 8 oz of fairly warm water. It is soothing and also helps to cleanse the area. The tenderness usually passes very rapidly and your gums should be healthy and pink in just a few days. The laser does a great job of sterilizing the gum pockets and also stimulating the tissues to heal


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