What Toothpaste Should I Use for Sensitive Teeth and Get Rid of Brown Stains? (photo)

every morning and night i brush my teeth and i use mouth wash, i am also a smoker which clearly will not help the cause of brown stains but i am finding it difficult to smile at people with confidence i am not happy with the way my teeth are and i really want to find some way to be able to get rid of these brown stains or even some of them. also my teeth are very sensitive and i am also not sure what tooth paste/ mouth wash to use to be able to protect my teeth so they are not as sensitive.

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What Toothpaste Should I Use for Sensitive Teeth and Get Rid of Brown Stains?

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Sensitive teeth can be caused be a number of different causes. Generally the toothpastes that have some whitening effects or stain fighting effects are prone to cause MORE sensitivity.

The stains on the front of your teeth appear to me like old bonding that has discolored from both aging and smoking.

If you have ever contemplated stopping smoking, now could be a great time. If you were motivated, you could start desensitizing your teeth now while you break the habit. Within a week or two you could start some professional dentist supervised teeth whitening.

Don't bother whitening at home, it will only aggravate your sensitivity. Also one of the keys to good results AND low sensitivity are professionally made trays. You can also use them to apply additional desensitizers.

After you have the teeth whitening done, then you can have the bonding replaced. I think it will make a BIG difference.

Additionally, you will need to have your teeth professionally cleaned every three to four months, and keep doing some touch up whitening with your trays at home.



Sensitive Teeth and Brown Stains

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Please be aware that any of the so-called "whitening toothpastes" can also CAUSE sensitivity. The toothpastes that are made for sensitive teeth, such as Sensodyne, will NOT whiten your teeth.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Toothpaste and Brown Stain

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Any of the whitening toothpastes are good.  I like Arm and Hammer, and I like Colgate Total.  These are especially helpful products if you start using them after you see a dentist who will remove all brown stain during your dental cleaning.  Toothpaste is best for maintaining whiteness, not for bring teeth up to white. And the stain you show is too much for the toothpaste.  Please see your dentist to get a thorough check up and dental prophylaxis first.

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How To Get Rid of Smoking Stains on Sensitive Teeth

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Hi there!  Your first step is to seek the help of a great dentist who can use special tools to clean and evaluate your teeth and gums.  Having a full set of x-rays and a thorough dental examination, including an oral cancer screening, may reveal the underlying cause of your teeth sensitivity such as possible cavities, gum recession, and/or enamel loss.  A personalized comprehensive plan can then be devised with therapeutic treatment recommendations to help you stay in optimal dental health which will translate into healthier overall health.  Look for an office that has a ProphyJet polisher to help remove those stubborn stains from tobacco.  You will be surprised how much brighter a professional cleaning will make your smile.  Your dentist and dental hygienist will help create a plan to maintain your brighter smile with possible suggestions such as: more frequent professional cleanings, whitening, and important home care tipsEstablishing a good dental home can make the biggest difference in having a happy, healthy smile!  In the meantime, try brushing your teeth with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide and then rinsing with hydrogen peroxide.  Also, try a toothpaste for sensitive teeth such as Sensodyne or Colgate Sensitive.  Cheers!


Sarah Kim Kong, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Stain on teeth

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First off, I am not sure why you have 2 pictures of 2 different sets of teeth on your submitted images.  But from the looks of things, you have a lot of plaque and tartar built up everywhere and would need to start with a professional dental cleaning to remove most of those stains.  You may need some form of gum treatment to take care of that as well.  I would contact a qualified dentist to do a comprehensive exam on you with proper xrays and you may get the results you are looking for.  You may need to whiten your teeth to get even more of a whitening.  Once you get the look you are trying to achieve, maintaining it will be important.  And with your smoking habit, that will take more on your part to do at home.  Good luck.

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