I have done transplant and I don't want to use finasteride; what are other good options to use instead?

I have done hair transplant,and I dont want to use finasteride,what are other good option to use instead. if i am not using finasteride tabs, using (minoxidil 5%) and biotin tablets will work.

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Finasteride use after Hair Transplant

The results of the transplant usually do not depends on the finasteride depend upon the use of finasteride after the surgery. However the main use of finasteride is to delay the further loss of hair on your scalp without which the requirement for more transplanted hair will may arise after the surgery. There are some multi vitamins and minerals which have been shown to have some effect on stopping the progression of hair loss however there is no scientific documentation of its use. Therefore it is advisable to take the finasteride in order to prevent further hair loss.

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If you do not want to use finasteride, then don't. Just let your doctor know what you want to do.

If you do not want to use finasteride, then don't.  Just let your doctor know what you want to do.   Discuss options with your doctor.

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I don't want to use finasteride

This is your choice. There is no drug that can stop shock loss if you should have it other than finasteride

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Lots of options for medical hair loss treatment but variable evidence of their effectiveness

Finasteride and minoxidil are the mainstays of treatment for male pattern hairloss. Other things that may helps include biotin can help, Viviscal (another vitamin supplement), low level laser therapy, PRP, spironolactone (for woman only). Many of these are not FDA approved for hairloss but may have anecdotal evidence or small case studies to support their use in hairloss. With all therapies, you have to weigh the risk and the benefit and pick the one(s) that are right for you. Medical Thearpy is a very important part of maintaining your hair as you age if you are suffering with male patter hairloss.

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there are two products that are FDA approved one is finistrade and the other minoxidil. If you don't want to use finistrade then minoxidil can help. 

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