Gallstones and tummy tuck?

Hi I found out about my gallstones in a routine checkup post pregnancy. I never had any pain and symptoms of stones. My TT surgery is in 12 days is it going to affect my surgery by anychance can my doctor say that I can't go for surgery. Thank you

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Likely not

Many people have gallstones without any symptoms. They are picked up on a routine ultrasound or CT done for other reasons including pregnancy. You may never have symptoms which would be great. I don't see any reason to delay your tummy tuck. Good luck.

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Gallstones and tummy tuck?

Assuming you have asymptomatic cholelithiasis (gallstones with no symptoms), you should be able to proceed with tummy tuck surgery. Best to confirm with your physicians prior to proceeding. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be very pleased with.

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