Any suggestions to shorten a long butt?

The women in my family genetically have elongated butt cheeks. I do NOT want my butt any bigger than it already is, but I do want it to not be as long. What can be done?

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Buttock augmentation

Perhaps liposuction of the lower back and flanks with a fat transfer to the hips can create a rounder appearance to offset the appearance of a longer buttock.  Its difficult to say for sure without an examination.

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Correcting the Elongated Butt

without several good quality photos it's impossible to advise you on what may be applicable to you. In the very sagging butt, it can be shortened with a formal Butt/Thigh Lift. But in many women excess fat in the lower back gives a heart shaped configuration with an elongated appearance. In these women Back Scoop liposuction can nicely correct the problem and make the residual butt "pop"
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