Is it good to use lipo board and foam under garment post lipo/ TT?

I hear people saying that they use lipofoam and a abdominal board under the garment post surgery what is the purpose of this and is it effective?

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Board and foam

This is a good question. I routinely use boards and foams under the garment for liposuction patients. The purpose of the board is to flatten the abdominal skin after liposuction. Foams help give extra compression in addition to the garment. The skin is inflamed after liposuction. This inflammation can cause the skin to be lumpy and bumpy. It will remain lumpy and bumpy, once the inflammation turns to scar, if nothing is done about it. I use the board to mold and flatten the inflamed tissue during the first few weeks after surgery. This will promote a flatter result in the abdominal area. I do not use boards after tummy tucks.

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Ab Board or Lipo Foam

There is no need to use either lipofoam or ab board after a tummy tuck, a binder or garment is best. Follow the instructions provided by your PS when moving forward through the healing process and make sure you get plenty of rest and treat the incisions your entire core well.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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Foam under liposuction garment

I have never used foam under the garment. Some surgeons use it for more compression. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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