Giving Up the Contraceptive Pill for Liposuction?

Is there any way I can stay on the Contraceptive Pill for my Liposuction surgery? I have horrific Acne, which the Pill keeps under control. Really, my face swells up and I can't leave the house. I'm having Lipo before my sister's wedding, in which i'm a bridesmaid, so I cant really afford to stop taking the Pill. Is there anything i can do to continue taking the pill up to and after surgery? If i'm required to take any other medication, i will. I'll do anything to save my skin and confidence!

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Birth Control Pills and Liposuction

The major risk of taking Birth Control Pills (BCP) around the time of your surgery is that it increases the possibility that clots that can form in your veins (deep venous thrombosis) and can travel to your lungs (pulmonary embolus) which is very serious and can even cause death. The biggest risk is if you have your surgery withing the first year of (re)starting BCP, and especially if you have risk factors for clotting - such as a genetic tendency, smoker, certain medical conditions, prior history of a clot, etc). In my own practice I would instruct you to stop taking BCP if within a year prior to  your surgery and use an alternate method of birth control. If you have been on them more than a year without risk factors, I would still make you aware of the increased risk and  recommend that you discuss this risk and ask advice from your gynecologist or PCP who prescribed this medication. Most of my patients choose to stay on their BCP's if they are non smokers, have been on the pill for more than a year and otherwise healthy. Seek the advice of your gynecologist

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In most cases, there is no need to stop taking the BCP for your liposuction.

Most meds tend to be ok to continue taking for your liposuction but you need to clear it with your doc as he/she may have specific reasons for you to stop them. It is universal to stop things for a week prior to lipo that thin the blood such as ASA, advil etc... Always check with your doc.  Sincerely,

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Birth control pills and #liposuction

its common to withold OCPs before liposuction. however, if the area that is being treated is small and the patient can be fully mobile after the surgery it can be continued. if your doctor has recommended to stop the OCPs, u can talk to them and see if u can usetopical treatment for acne and perhaps the antibiotics that can help u with acne as well.


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