Liposuction for Gynecomastia. Chest Looks The Same As Before Only Smaller?

My surgon preformed liposuction on my chest but did not remove gland. He stated that he had an aggresive wand & removed the gland. I am 8 days post op and my chest looks like it did before lipo but only smaller. I have to hard circuler areas inder both nipples, Would that be hematomas or gland tissue. I fear that it is gland tissue. should I have him fix this problem if it is? He told me before surgery that you could not lipo gland tissue but stated that he did after. Very disapointed.

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Gynecomastia surgery

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Liposuction has improved the gynecomastia surgery quite a bit. It takes several months for the swelling to go down and the skin to "shrink". Excellent results can be seen with some patience. You are only 8 weeks out of Surgery.

I personally take some gland tissue and shave some of the tissue under the "nipple"area with a surgical knife. I combine  it with liposuction..

Keep up with your surgeon. If and when the looks of the  "gland tissue" is still bothersome to you he can correct it when in his opinion the time is right.

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Gynecomastia surgery - no results

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  • The tissue under your nipples is either gland tissue or normal surgical swelling .
  • A hematoma or blood collection is not likely to be on both sides.
  • Your surgeon is right to leave some gland in place - removing it all is a technical error . It causes tissues to sink in. This is hard to impossible to correct.
  • Laser liposuction can remove gland tissue in gynecomastia.
  • So can very very aggressive standard liposuction. This technique doesn't work for me but it does for some other surgeons.

If you do need revision, your surgeon will probably be happy to do so - but wait at least six months to allow swelling to go away.


Hope this helps! 


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