Can Liposuction Change Estrogen Levels?

I had a liquid lipo done on my big love handles 2 years ago (at 23) and have since had metabolic issues. My body fat went from bottom to top/center, and I gained a lot of visceral fat (MRI). I'm only 118 and 5'4". I now have little feminine fat on me, and I'd like to get a fat transfer from my arms, back, and belly to my hips again. Given my reaction the first time, and that fat grafts can reabsorb, could more lipo affect my estrogen to testosterone ratio, fertility, and/or feminine behavior?

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Central abdominal fat increases estrogen

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Visceral (internal) fat is known to secrete estrogen. This is a large reason that so many men develop breasts (gynecomastia). This fat develops generally as a result of insulin resistance. It is not related to the removal of fat from the thighs. It is related to consistently high levels of insulin due to carbohydrate intake. The primary culprit in this is grain, especially, but not limited to wheat. Whole grains are no less glycemic. 


I would seriously evaluate how much wheat and cereal products are in my diet, and strive to eliminate them. When you grow around the middle,my our body is telling you that you have insulin resistance. This is a serious warning. It is the first obvious step to metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.


Fat transfer or additional liposuction are not the answer.

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Liposuction and Estrogen Levels

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I don't think there is any research showing that liposuction affects estrogen levels. Liposuction should also not affect fertility, or feminine behavior. Without a bit more detail, I am not 100% sure what advice to offer. However, if you are having "metabolic" issues, increase in visceral fat, and you have kept your diet and exercise fairly stable, I would certainly see a primary care specialist, or endocrinologist, for a work-up to be sure you aren't having any other medical concerns. Not meant to alarm you - but would be a good idea anyway. Hope this helps and good luck.

Link between Liposuction and Estrogen Levels

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There is not link between Link between Liposuction and Estrogen Levels.However the visceral fat does secrets estrogen but does not lead to famanine behavior.It does lead to Gynaecomatia.

Liposuction does bring in some metabolic changes in body in first 3 months.During this time one can try to loose wait by diet regimen and gym and the body response to weight loss is better after Liposuction in some patients.

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