Can Laser Hair Removal of the buttocks damage Butt Implants?

Hi there i 'm deciding to get butt implants but i m having a full body laser hair removal, so also on my buttock. My question is can the laser damage the implants or can it do ant harm to laser my buttock after having implants?

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Can laser hair removal on buttocks affect implants?

No, the laser only penetrates into the skin. It can not affect the implants at all. There is absolutely no need to worry

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Buttock implants and laser hair removal

Laser hair removal does not affect buttock implants whatsoever! No need to worry as lasers used for hair removal are targeting only the melanin and nothing else. There may be some effect on blood vessels superficially , but thats it. 

Ram Chandra, MD
Edison Physician

Laser hair removal and butt implants

Laser hair removal will not cause damage to butt implants. Laser for hair removal are designed to only reach very shallow depths under the skin. There is no reason for concern. Best of luck!

Laser hair removal with implants

The light energy used for laser hair removal only penetrates a few millimeters beneath the skin surface, so if done properly, it should not affect an implant.

Suzan McGary, MD
Williamsport Thoracic Surgeon

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