Fibrosis on stomach from previous bad Liposuction, will lipo injections help?

I have a couple of rock hard patches/wide spread lumps on my stomach after a previous lipo. When I seen a second surgeon he told me it was fibrosis tissue and he can't remove it with lip because it is too hard. If I were to try lipo injections directly into the hard patches will this help? Is there another solution. Currently it looks like half of an uneven 6 pack. What are my options?

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Hard areas after liposuction

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There are three possible ways to help this kind of liposuction result -
  1. steroid injections,
  2. Fat injections
  3. Surgery to lift the skin and remove the scar,
You need a face to face exam to see which is the best approach. I generally start with a dilute steroid injection in one area. It is the least expensive and easier solution - but may not work. Best wishes.

Liposuction problems

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Unfortunately if you have areas of fibrosis beneath the skin of your abdomen for Michael section there's little to do but give it time. It may take 6 to 12 months for this to soften. Sometimes steroids can be judiciously used to soften the areas. I would seek several consultations before deciding on which treatment is any is appropriate.

Depends on exam

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If your abdomen is as described, with fibrosis or scarring extending from the skin down to the fascia of the abdominal wall, it may take several fat grafting sessions to correct it.  It is a great option for this type of deformity but you have to be patient.  The other option is an abdominoplasty for which you may or may not be a candidate.

Liposuction problems

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With previous problems from liposuction, it is best to be seen in person to see what solution might be possible. Fat injections can help in some circumstances.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Permanent skin changes can result from laser or ultrasonicLiposuction.

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I would be curious as to whether or not a laser or ultrasound was used as part of your treatment. If overdone this can create thermal damage to the skin that really Cannot be rectified. A picture and  more history would be useful.

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