Can General Anesthesia 6-8 Weeks After a Hair Transplant Influence Hair Growth?

I'm planning a chin implant and liposuction. I believe it could be done in local anesthesia as well but I'd probably prefer general anesthesia. Now, could either of these influence the outcome of my hair transplant?

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procedures 6-8 weeks after a hair transplant

It is extrememly unlikely that local or general anesthesia would have any deleterious effect on a recent hair transplant.

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Can General Anesthesia 6-8 Weeks After a Hair Transplant Influence Hair Growth?

I believe that general anesthesia has been reported to cause hair loss even in unrelated surgeries like Liposuction etc.  You might have to do a google search for more information or consult and anesthesiologist.  Refardless of the cause, the hair follicles should eventually come back however only 1/3 of hair follicles are in the growth phase at any one time and each growth phase lasts about 3 it might take a yeard for the hair to return.  

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Hair loss and general anesthesia.

It is unlikely that local anesthetic given 6-8 weeks after hair restoration surgery will affect your results.  A common cause of alopecia is called telogen effluvium.  This condition results from an abrupt shift of large numbers of anagen hairs (hairs in the growth phase of the cycle) to telogen hairs (hairs in the resting phase of the growth cycle) on the scalp, with a corresponding hair loss of up to 300 hairs per day.  This form of alopecia generally begins about three months after a major illness or other stress (surgery, rapid weight loss, nutritional deficiency, hemorrhage, etc.) If the cause of the telogen effluvium is removed, hair loss lasts for up to 6 months after removal of the trigger.  That is, hair growth should return to normal.  Be sure to consult with a local hair transplant surgeon to discuss activities in your postoperative healing.  


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General anesthesia can sometime cause general hair loss (it is rare)

General anesthesia can sometime cause general hair loss.  It is rare but it has been reported by some patients.  The hair loss is usually temporary but it can take a year for it to grow back.  Transplanted hair is just like your normal hair so it may also be at risk.

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Anesthesia does not affect hair growth

No. Local anesthesia is administered to both the donor and recipient areas during a hair transplant. Patients can expect new growth by four months, which is about four to six weeks after your planned chin implant and liposuction. However, any type of surgery can result in hair loss, known as shock loss. It’s best to speak with your hair transplant surgeon, plastic surgeon and the anesthesiologist to review if two additional surgeries after a hair transplant is too soon. Maximum maturity, thickness and health of new hair peaks at 18 months after the hair transplant.

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Hair Loss after Surgery

Yes, any major stress in your life can potentially cause temporary hair loss including surgery.  With that being said, it is unlikely that your upcoming surgery will effect your prior transplant.  As with any questions, a further discussion with your facial plastic surgeon can address your particular issues.  Good luck! 

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Can General Anesthesia After Hair Transplant Influence Growth?

It is very rare that anethesia of any type influence hair growth.  However, there is the rare case that general anesthesia patients have temporary hair loss.  It is usually of short duration and the majority of the hair does come back.  Just having a procedure after having a hair transplant does not cause hair loss.

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Hair Transplants and Anesthesia

The success of your hair transplant will not be influenced by a general anesthetic.  It would be reasonable to proceed with your treatment.

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General Anesthesia 6-8 Weeks after Hair Transplants

It is extremely unlikely that a general anesthetic will have any impact on the results of your hair transplant surgery done 6-8 weeks ago. After discussing this with both your transplant and liposuction surgeons I suggest you have the light general anesthesia and be comfortable during your future surgery.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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