Can Invisalign Work for Gaps Due to Bone Loss?

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Yes Invisalign works great for gaps.

If the gaps are due to past bone loss then the teeth can be moved closer together and close the gaps. If there are gaps up near the gumline called black triangles then the teeth can be reshaped and moved closer together to close those gaps also. Post a picture!

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Active Periodontal disease needs to be treated first

I need some more information to accurately answer this question.  First, do you have active periodontal disease?  If not are you maintaining a previous condition of periodontal disease?  If you have had periodontal disease, you can significantly enhance the health of your gums by working with a periodontist and an orthodontist to fix problems that are fixable.  Invisalign may not be the best tool to do that job, so you need to work with that orthodontist to customize your treatment.

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