Can Invisalign Widen the Arch of Palate?

i have a very narrow pallet. Saw orthodontist & told ortho will not work for me because I have quite alot of bone loss & the drs had me taking osteoporosis meds for years. Age 56. Before I spend $5200 dollars. Will invisalign help or hurt my periodontal disease?

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Yes Invisalign can expand the dental arch.

If your orthodontist told you that your arch cant be expanded with braces or Invisalign then get a new Orthodontist.  I expand arches every day with invisalign on patients that have boneloss and as long as you move the teeth properly then it doesnt not cause more bone lose. It can actually improve your gum and bone health because you can clean them easier after they are straighter.

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Invisalign can dentally expand the arch


As long as your periodontist clears you for orthodontic treatment and your periodontal disease is under control, you can get invisalign treatment. Since invisalign is removable, you will have good access to cleaning your teeth which is important in controlling periodontal disease.  Invisalign is very good at altering the shape of the dental arch and can dentally expand your narrow arch. It is important to continue to see your periodontist during invisalign therapy to help control your bone loss and periodontal disease.

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