How to Fix Gap Between Veneers?

I got four porcelain veneers put on my front teeth about five years ago. They looked perfect. However, I have suddenly noticed a slight gap between the two front veneers. What is the best and most affordable way to fix this gap? Thank you very much

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Gaps between veneers may be a sign

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Gaps that form may indicate gum disease or bite issues that may not have been noticed initially.  If your dentist says that you have healthy gums and the bite is not an issue, a simple orthodontic appliance may do the trick.

Get a retainer,"Hawley appliance"

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A retainer can actually push your teeth back together. First ask you dentist if you have a bite issue or gum disease to make sure thats not causing the shift. Also a bite adjustment will help.

Michael J. Thomas, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

Gap Forming Between Veneers

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You should see yoru dentist.  This may be a periodontal issue or a bite issue.  If you are not wearing a night guard for protection, it may be time to be fitted for one - or you may have an underlying infection that is the cause of the gap formation.

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