Gap Between Two Front Teeth?

I have a gap in between my two front teeth it is about 2mm wide. How much would it cost to fill using cosmetic dental bonding? Also I am only 16 years of age, can this procedure be done at this age? Or do you have to be 18?

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Here is a link the average cost of Dental Bonding reported by our community members.

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Closing the Gap Between Your Two Front Teeth

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Generally, for a patient under 18 years old, cosmetic bondings would be the first approach.  We would measure the proportions of your teeth and the spacing the ensure the proper aesthetics. 

Cosmetic bondings are always done with the understanding that they are not meant to be permanent and that they can chip, stain, or discolor over time.  Eventually, once a patient turns 18, they should consider switching to porcelain veneers or even 3/4 laminates.  There are some exceptions that can be made for patients under 18 years old to have veneers or 3/4 laminates done with parental consent and depending on their tooth development. 

Costs are based on the complexity of the case, time-frame, the number of teeth involved, and the materials used.  Each patient gets a treatment plan specific to their individual case.

Fort Lauderdale Dentist

Gap between two front teeth on a 16 year old

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Closing the gap on your two front teeth should cost between $400 and $800.  Bonding is not a permanent solution because it will wear, chip and discolor.  It typically lasts 5-10 years.  As an interim fix for a 16 year old it is a good solution because your teeth and gums will probably change in that time.  When it is in need of changing, you can then place porcelain veneers which will initially cost double that of bonding but will last indefinitely making it the cheaper solution in the long run.

Neal Nealis, DDS
Chicago Dentist

Gaps Can Be Closed with Bonding

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Find a cosmetic dentist who will do a cosmetic wax-up try in to see how you would look with bonding.  Before you 'bond' your space closed make sure you like the color of your teeth.  Whiten now if you don't like the color because bonding just matches the color you have.  You can redo your bonding any time - eventually you might even do braces to redesign your smile or do veneers to upgrade.  Tooth colored bonding is perfect for you now!  Cost is  dependent on area and expertise.

Wendy S. Spektor, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

Gap Between 2 Front Teeth

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Cosmetic Bonding is an excellent choice. Costs vary tremendously based on location as well as dentist's skill level.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Bonding to Close Gap Between Front Teeth

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Using bonding to close a gap between your two front teeth, especially at age 16 would be an excellent treatment.  Down the road you may eventually want to have veneers done as bonding tends to have a shorter longevity than veneers.  You may want to have a preview of how it is going to look before preceeding.  The dentist can place some bonding on the teeth to "mock up" how the final will look without actually bonding to the teeth.  The primary concern is that the teeth won't look too wide in relation to the rest of your teeth.  If your other teeth look too small in relation to the bonded ones, you may have to consider doing more than two teeth.  Costs very greatly between practices but an excellent cosmetic dentist would most likely begin minimally around 450 per tooth.

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