Should I Gain Weight for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

I posted a question a couple weeks ago asking if I'm a candidate for the bbl. I weight 113 and all the weight is in my stomach,flanks, & thighs. I hear that I shouldn't gain weight & just have the surgery because when yu gain weight the fat cells just get bigger. I really want to gain 10lbs 4 the surgery. I have pictures on my other ? that i posted. Thanks

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Brazilian butt lift and thin patients

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I think I may have answered your question before. But I do believe that gaining weight before the Brazilian butt lift is not a good thing to do. And the reason why are several. One fat cells do not replicate your born with a certain number of fat cells and keep the same number of fat cells throughout life so when you gain weight Excel gets bigger when you lose weight each cell gets smaller. You do not make more cells. This is a reason why liposuction works, if the liposuction area and then more fat cells grew in that same area liposuction would have no effect. But in the case of Brazilian butt lift if you gain weight and then transfer the fat cells after you lose weight and return to your preop weight the buttocks go back to the same size it would've been if you didn't gain weight at all.

Don't be discouraged I've done the Brazilian butt lift  in thin patients before and made substantial changes in the patient's figures making patients curvy. You can't make as large a buttocks as he could in a heavier person but can make the patient's very curvy. Remember a large person needs a larger buttocks in a small person To look curvy.

Should I Gain Weight Before My Brazilian Butt Lift?

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The amount of fat needed depends on the shape and needs of each individual patient, however in general at least 500cc per buttock need to be placed to see a significant difference. On average patients typically receive around 800cc per buttock side for a total of 1600cc of fat transfer. However just like a breast augmentation the amount of fat needed various from patient to patients. Also the sculpting done with the liposuction is a big part of the procedure to improve the overall shape.

However if a patient has a BMI of 22 they typically will have enough fat for the Brazilian butt lift. If they are smaller than this then they will need to consider doing an augmentation with implants.

I typically tell patients that they should be at their ideal weight prior to their Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. I don’t want patients losing weight after the surgery as they can lose some of the fat that was transferred to their buttock.

When considering this procedure it is very important that you have your procedure performed by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Weight gain not recommended before fat transfer or brazilian butt lift

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It is not a good idea to gain weight before a fat transfer procedure like the Brazilian butt lift, and it will not improve your outcome, actually it may worsen it.

What makes the procedure successful is the percentage of fat cells surviving the transfer, not their size.  If the cells are smaller, they actually will be more sturdy and could be more resistant to trauma during the transfer. 

Once the fat cells have been moved to their new location, it is highly recommended to gain a few pounds, around five to ten is my recommendation.  

Mario Diana, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon

Weight gain for Brazilian butt lift

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Thank you for your question. It is not necessary to gain weight prior to Brazilian Butt Lift. The fat that is grafted will retain the characteristics of the fat from where it you gain weight so that fat can be transfered and it is successful, then when you lose weight after surgery to get back to where you were, the fat cells will shrink and you will lose the result that you got.

It is best to be at the body weight that you want to be and stay at that body weight before and after surgery.  I hope this makes sense and helps clarify.  Best wishes and good luck.

Gaining weight prior to a brazilian butt lift

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Due to the fact that you weigh approximately 110 pounds, you will need to gain weight in order to be a good candidate for this procedure. Remember that, if you lose weight after surgery, your buttocks will get smaller but your proportions will still be the same. If you cannot gain the necessary weight, having butt implants is the other option that could be considered.

Weight Gain before the Brazilian Butt Lift......?

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If you do not have enough fat to get the result you want from the Brazilian Butt Lift, then gaining weight is an option.  But this is only an option if you intend to maintain this extra weight after the surgery.  Wherever you gain the weight it can be removed except the face. So, if you gain it there, that is a problem.  Fortunately, most patients don't gain much there at all.  Gaining before surgery does several things. First of all it gives me more fat volume to transfer. Secondly, I can remove the fat from wherever you want to be sure that when the surgery is over, you have the shape you want. And Thirdly, you may gain some in your buttocks or breasts,  both of which patients are usually happy about because it helps to accentuate the hourglass figure that we are trying to attain.

Weight gain prior to BBL

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The question isn't as much should you gain weight prior to BBL, but what happens to the fat when you lose it after the surgery.  This unanswered question has not really been look at in great detail so all you'll really hear are anecdotal reports from BBL surgeons.  I agree with weight gain for the procedure, it will improve the contouring of the waist to hip ratio when you are ten pounds heavier and if you lose the weight the ratio will persist.  I just saw someone in Dallas this week with similar dimensions.  Typically, I'll examine the fat pad in the posterior upper buttock region over the lumbar spine (between the dimples on your lower back-upper buttock).  If that fat pad there shows about 6cm of thickness then I think you can do a BBL successfully.  

Weight gain before brazilian buttock lift

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Depending on your distribution of fat, it is possible to gain weight before having fat transfer to the buttock to improve your outcome. I have had many patients do this prior to surgery with good success. Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to determine if this is a reasonable plan for your specific anatomy.Best wishes



Weight Gain To Create Fat For Brazilian Butt Lift Not Advised

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The key to a successful Brazilian Buttock Lift is to have adequate fat to make the procedure worthwhile. In my experience, you either have enough fat or you don't. The idea of trying to gain weight to make 'enough fat' is ill-conceived and actually is not effective. At a body weight of 113 lbs, there is no chance you have enough fat to do the procedure nor would you or should you ever be able to gain it. A 10 kb weight gain will not generate enough fat for the procedure. Your body frame is simply too small and the odds are  very high that your fat survival, even if you could create enough fat, will not be very good.

Should I gain weight before the BBL?

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You need to be examined by a plastic surgeron experienced with buttock augmentation uisng fat transplantation to see if you have sufficient donor fat. There are other areas that can be used as donor fat sites such as the arms and thighs. If you don't have enough fat then, I usually recommend gaining 15-20 pounds to have sufficient fat. The eight loss after surgery doesn't ususally have a significant impact on the buttocks

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