Aggressive Bonding for Half a Premolar Tooth, Recent Fracture and Dead Nerve Due to Decay Under Filling? (photo)

Some dentists say bonding 'won't last' or not worth doing for my 1/2 premolar. I'm not concerned with appearance, but how do they shape the top to mimic a real tooth? Would it last less time being large? How long should it last? Bonding buys time to see if root canal treatment needed. I don't see logic in RCT on a problem-free tooth. Seems better to do RCT 1st time in a few years if infected, rather than redo RCT in a few years. RCT doesn't last forever. Do you suggest RCT before bonding?

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Bonding on premolar?

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Nothing last forever I suggest full crown for best strength and appearance good luck


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Aggressive Bonding

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Before any restoration such as bonding or a crown may be done, the dentist must remove any decay to make sure the tooth is free of disease. When decay  is so deep that is enters the root canal as it appears to be doing so on your xray, that means there is bacteria in the canal and must be cleaned out with a root canal. Otherwise, if the bacteria is sealed in with a filling, an infection followed by an abcess can occur, and may even turn into a life-threatening situation. 

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Bonding on Half Premolar

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You need a RCT  since the decay is in your nerve.  The tooth is necrotic.  You cannot just put a filling in the tooth even though it is not bothering you.  You have to get a RCT and then ideally a crown.  Hope this helps

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