Are Fruit Peels Better Than Chemical Peel?

I've heard of fruit peel. Are those a better type of peel versus a Chemical peel? How do they differ from each other?

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Fruit peels are mild chemical peels

Dear Jinabarba

Chemicals scare people so it is much less scarier to talk about fruit peels.

Mild alpha hydroxy acids derived from processing fruit provide one source for this types of mild acids. The actual concentration of the fruit acid determines how mild or strong these products are. This is also known as a glycolic acid peel, which is usually derived from processed cane sugar.

Citric acid is also a fruit acid used in the preparation of these products. These products exfoliate the outer dead layers of the skin to make the skin look and feel better toned.

Aestheticians use these products in concentrations up to 40 or 50% and neutralize the product after a period of time to limit the treatment effect. Dermatologists may use these products in concentration up to 70%. This are all considered superficial chemical peels.

Home care products generally limit the concentration of the glycolic acid to less than 10% to avoid injury to the skin . Used over a period of time these do provide mild benefit for the skin.

Dr. Steinsapir

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Fruit peels are mild chemical peels


Peeling does scare some people, but some people think of fruits as "natural" and therefore safer. Most fruit acid peels are either Glycolic (sugar based) or Lactic (milk based) acid. These are generally mild with low healing times, but offer little change after it all. They can help with acne control and skin texture. When repeated they can also help a bit with pigment.

Best peel choice really depends upon what exactly you are looking to improve and the type of skin you have. When you choose your doctor, these are amongst the most important issues.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon
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