Front teeth flare out/protrude after getting my braces off? (photo)

I just got my braces off and my front teeth seem to slant out. Is this normal? Am I overreacting? Can this be fixed with my retainer or maybe invisaign (don't want to go back to braces)? I'm going to ask my orthodontist about it when i go see him tomorrow, so I just want a second opinion. By the way, I'm getting an implant done soon for the obvious tooth thats missing so I want to correct this (if it needs to be) before I do that.

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Front teeth

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Can't tell much from that photo, would need to see how these upper teeth relate to the lower when you bite. Also, looks like the space for that implant is bigger than the corresponding tooth on the other side, which is OK if they intend to close it down after the implant is placed.

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Some flare is normal

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The angle of flare can vary, but the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth in an ideal situation. A more clinical photo would help, but odds are that this is normal/the best that can be done. Sometimes retainers can do a little bit, but don't expect much. An Inman Aligner is a bit more active in moving teeth, but if the upper teeth are touching the lower teeth, the angle can't be changed without opening your bite, which takes considerable time.

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