After getting a BBL, will I weigh less than I did before once the swelling goes down?

I understand that BBL procedure involves taking out the fat in unwanted areas and putting them in your butt but isn't only 20% of the fat taken out purified enough to put into your butt? So would that mean you're also losing fat/weight as well since the other 80% is permanently out of your body?

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After getting a BBL, will I weigh less than I did before once the swellling goes down?

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Although, the fat that is removed during liposuction is cleaned and processed, significantly more than 20% is available for transfer.  In some patient, all of the fat removed is processed and re-injected; in some patients there is significantly more fat removed than is necessary for transfer.  If your case is the former, you may not note a significant weight reduction following the procedure.  If your surgeon is abe to remove much more than is required for fat transfer, then you may note a couple of pound weight reduction.  However, it may take a few weeks to note this weight reduction as you will be swollen ( and retain fluid) in the first couple of weeks after the surgery.  Best wishes, Dr. Lepore.

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Weight change after lipo?

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Great question! 

Yes you can loss overall weight.  Edema. swelling and 3rd spacing of fluid into the liposuction and fat injection areas will retain body weight until healing is complete.  The shape of your body will also adjust as your body reabsorbs the fluid.  You post-op diet and elastic compression can control the amount of edema, swelling, and 3rd spacing of fluid.  Consume less salt over the first week during the 3rd spacing, capillary leaking phase of your healing process.  Keep your waist as tight as possible with lipo-foam over your skin and extra elastic compression layers with a vest waist trainer to have less space for edema and swelling to fill up.

 I wish you well on your BBL journey, 

James McAdoo DO FACOS

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Weight loss thru BBL

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It is accurate to expect some weight loss after BBL . Usually , in a full body liposuction , 5 liters of fat are removed from your body ( equivalent to 5 kg ) . After using the fat destined for graft , you could still weight around 2.5 - 4 kg less than pre op. Do not expect to see this weight loss before 2 months post op. Fluid retention in the first 4-8 weeks post op will cause your scale to be above pre op weight or same. 

Best wishes 

Katherine Feliz Camilo, MD
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Weight change after liposuction and fat transfer

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Most likely you will not see you a long-term weight change unless you change your diet or exercise routine.

 Even after liposuction without fat transfer many patients gradually graduate to their pre-procedure weight with a somewhat increase in fat distribution of non-treated areas.

Some people become highly motivated to take better care of them self after having aesthetic procedures and will change their date today patterns with increased exercise and a better diet.

In this case they will see weight loss.

It seems like our bodies or brain are dialed in to a specific amount of body fat which tends to achieve after the procedure without some active change in behavior.

These are general statements and some individuals will gain weight while others will lose weight.

I would not think of this as a weight change in procedure in anyway but rather a scoping procedure.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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BBL and weight

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In BBL you will have liposuction to contour your body as per routine liposuction. Most surgeons including myself will limit the amount of aspirate ( i.e how much we lipo ) to 4-5 litres. In my hands for a BBL often each buttock can only accommodate 800-1000ml of fat put back in. So you might be little lighter in weight after this procedure once all the swelling has settled, but it is not an exact 20/80 like you have suggested.

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