Does Dimple Creation last? (photos)

Hi Doctors, I've considered getting Dimple Surgery on both my cheeks for a long time now. I find them to be quite appealing and attractive on just about anyone . Due to research I have noticed a number of people who gone through the procedure saying that the dimple went away and thus not being worth the time or money. I would like to do the surgery ONLY if the dimples last. I would like to know the cause of them disappearing on some people?

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Does Dimple Creation last?

Unfortunately, as with all surgeries results are not 100% guaranteed. When we perform dimple plasty, muscle fibers are stitched to the under surface of the skin. It can take six or so weeks before this is strong. It is possible following surgery for the stitches to release. Muscle is not the strongest material to put a stitch in and sometimes it can pull through. There are advantages and disadvantages with using absorbing stitches which your surgeon will discuss with you.

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