How fragile is the septum after septoplasty?

Once the septum is repaired during septoplasty, how resilient is it?   I underwent septoplasty, turbinate resection and sinus polypectomy on Friday 12/14/12.  Scar tissue and a septal bone spur which had been blocking the maxillary sinus ostium were also removed.  Splints to brace the septum were placed and they will be removed tomorrow 12/21/12.  I feel that the surgeon did an outstanding job, and overall I am extremely pleased with my results just one week after surgery!   My main concern today is how stable the septum is.  How fast does it fully heal back into place?  If I bump the tip of my nose am I going to disrupt the septum??     KBinNM

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How fragile is the septum after septoplasty?

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 There are multiple techniques that can be employed during a Septoplasty from scoring to cartilage/bone removal.  All of these will affect the healing process differently and as such you should discuss this with your Rhinoplasty Surgeon.  

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