I donate plasma on a regular basis. How soon after receiving breast implants will I be able to start donating again?

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I donate plasma on a regular basis. How soon after receiving breast implants will I be able to start donating again

Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  I would allow yourself at least 4-6 weeks to donate plasma after breast implants. This will ensure that any period of fatigue from surgery has resolved.  Best wishes.

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Plasma donation and breast augmentation.

The amount of plasma donated should not affect the functioning of the body after a breast augmentation.

According to the website PlasmaDonating.net it is recommended to not donate 4 weeks before or 4 weeks after a surgery just to be safe. 

One factor to consider before and after any surgery is your nutritional status. This will affect the outcome much more so than plasma donation. This is a part of my pre operative consultation.

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Almost right away.

You should ask the plasma center about the restrictions following major surgery, and how long you need to be off medication before donating.

From a surgical standpoint, you should have minimal blood loss during a breast augmentation, so donating plasma should be safe to your health almost right away.

Plasma donation

Thank you for your question Angie!

Most women are able to return to normal lives within a week, and are able to resume most activities such as intensive exercise within six weeks.

That being said, you have to check your local plasma center regarding their policy, and before your donation, they will make sure your protein and iron levels are within the acceptable range.

Remember to stay hydrates and to take your vitamins through fruits and vegetables.

Hope this helps.

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