Transgender male to female, 18, wondering what makes someone (me) look boyish vs feminine? (photos)

I'm not exactly looking to get surgery on my face any time soon, and just started hormone therapy. I was wondering what makes my face look feminine vs boyish, and if so how would I be able to fix that. I know when my hair will grow out it would probably look feminine, but just wondering why it doesn't look completely feminine with short hair, and what features cause this. I'm 115 pounds and wider waist and thighs, so other than my face I don't think it would be that hard to transition body wise.

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Feminine features of the face

In general,
more feminine features include smaller refined noses, arched eyebrows, enhanced eyelashes, an oval face shape with a round jawline and smaller chin, fuller lips, pretty teeth, clear skin complexion, no neck fat or pointed Adam's apple. 

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FFS recommendations


Overall, you have a fairly feminine face. 

Unless there is something that bothers you about your face, I don't see too many give-away "masculine" features. It is difficult to see from the photos if you have a prominent Adam's Apple. If so, that is a very masculine feature and having that taken down can create a more feminine appearance quickly.

The best way to determine what could be done to further feminize your face is to get a plastic surgery consult. This way, your surgeon can go through the various options and procedures with you. There is really nothing better than an in-person exam to see what would suit you best. 

Various options include contouring the forehead to make it flatter, narrowing the jaw and chin, raising the eyebrows, shaving the Adam's apple, and rhinoplasty. These things can be combined in various order to achieve your desired result and a plastic surgeon familiar with facial feminization surgeries will be able to go through those things with you. 

I wish you all the best on your journey,

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MTF facial features

I agree with you.  Longer hair will do a lot for you.  You have nice eyes, lips, arched brows, and cheeks.  I think the only thing you mind consider coming around to is a rhinoplasty focused on the tip mostly.

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