How Old is to Old for Septoplasty. I Am 60. Have Had It Done in my 20's, And Need it Again?

Dr wants me to have Septoplasy done. I have had deviated septum for over forty years. I have nosebleeds now for the last 3-4 years for which I go once a year to have silver nitrate cauterization and it seems to help for another year. Is it really nessesary to go through surgery for this. I have stuffy nose alot of the time and some sinus issues. I have had a small nasal polp for years. I have a terrible time with being allergic to alot of medications. I am really nervous . Thank you

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Too old to breathe well

Arent you tired of the nosebleeds and the other things that go along with blocked breathing. Some studies have related hear problems to blocked breathing.You will feel like 4o if you can breathe again.

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Septoplasty and your age is not a factor

Your age is not a factor as much as your general health. A good surgeon who operates in an accredited facility and uses an anesthesiologist will provide you a safe experience. We are used to dealing with patients with multiple medication allergies and there are plenty of medications that can be used safely in these circumstances. A Septoplasty will help provide you with a properly functioning nose and help alleviate the complaints you are dealing with now. A preoperative evaluation of lab work and EKG should be done to properly clear you for a safe surgery. Best regards!

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Septoplasty and Age?

Thank you for the question.

Your age is not a contraindication to septoplasty surgery. Assuming you are in good medical and psychological health, the operation may be very beneficial. Make sure you are “working with” well experienced board certified surgeons.

Best wishes.

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