Deviated Septum with Throbbing Pain & Pressure, Will Septoplasty Help Relieve Pain?

I suffer a throbbing pressure/pain between nose & eye on one side. I take ibuprofen &treat it with steroid drops but it recurs every week, when crusts form and drop off. I've seen an ENT who said I have a deviated septum and recommended septoplasty. I'm going ahead with the surgery but concerned there may be infection as it feels like a small tube between my nose & eye is blocked. I used to be able to relieve this through steriod drops & blowing my nose but not able to now. Will op help?

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septoplasty may be enough alone but be sure to investigate the role of sinus disease and allergy.  your tear ducts may also be the cause.  frequently multiple causes exist for the problem.

Elkton Facial Plastic Surgeon

Septoplasty for Throbbing Pain and Pressure

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A deviated septum should not cause throbbing pain and pressure. Although this is an unusual symptom, an obstructed tear duct may be present. I suggest you see an ophthalmic plastic surgeon to rule out this possibility. You should also determine if there is any chronic sinus disease associated with your deviated septum.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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