Hot swollen nipples. Is this normal? (Photo)

I have hot swollen nipples after 1 day post op. I have a crease incision is this normal or should I be worried?

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Post-op questions ideally are managed by your surgeon

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and I hope you have contacted him/her by now.  In general, the only bad thing that can happen right after breast augmentation is bleeding and this creates massive swelling on one side with increasing pain.  After that, infection but if you make it past a week without issues, its very uncommon for infections to arise thereafter.  So swollen nipples would not be a concern and they will go down with time and healing.  But its always best to contact your surgeon as your surgeon knows what was done at surgery and is privy to the potential problems that could develop. Your day one results look fabulous.

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Hot Swollen Nipples 24 Hours Post Breast Augmentation - Is This Normal?

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During the first week, and especially in the first day or two, nipples are swollen because the breast was operated on and therefore the whole breast is swollen.  Since the skin on the nipple areolar complex is thinner than the skin on the breast itself, the pressure and swelling cause breast tissue to herniate into the nipple, giving it a very pointy look causing it to be more swollen than the skin around it.

The heat one feels on the nipples is due to the injury done to the breast in general, leading to a hyper metabolic state by which the body heals injured tissue. 

All this mumbo jumbo means that nipples are hot and swollen because breast augmentation causes an injury to the breast, and heat and swelling are the body's response to this injury.  The short answer to your question is, YES this is NORMAL.

Are hot swollen nipples normal after breast augmentation?

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The trauma of surgery will always cause swelling during the early post operative period and this swelling can include the nipples. The blood supply is increased during this period of time and this can cause the feeling of relative warmth. Although it sounds as if your condition is normal for 1 day post op, it is still important to discuss this with your surgeon. The transfer of information is invaluable during the early post op period and your surgeon needs to know your condition in order to make judgments regarding need for any special care or treatment. I personally would rather have too many calls from my patients rather than not enough. I hope you enjoy your new breasts. They look great on the photos. 

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Swollen nipples

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Hi, thank you for your question. Yes this is normal especially during the first week of recovery as the skin has been stretched following surgery. You can take medications such as anti-swelling and apply cold packs to lessen the symptoms. 

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Swollen Nipples after Breast Augmentation

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Hi Jazzybug,

Thanks for your question and photos. Yes completely normal. If you have fevers or chills or redness that expands beyond your nipples then I would see your surgeon asap. The breast tissue is inflamed because of surgery and the injury that took place. It should go aways within one to two weeks. Warm compresses or ice packs help. Good Luck!

All the best,
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Swollen Nipples Post Op

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Puffy, swollen nipples are not uncommon directly post op because your breast tissue is inflamed. You will most likely note that this begins to resolve within the first week post op. If you have ongoing concerns I recommend that you contact your Plastic Surgeon.

All the best

Hot swollen nipples. Is this normal?

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Thank you for your picture and question. At only 1 day post-op, it is very common for you to be swollen, including the nipples. As long as everything else seems ok, then the swelling should decrease with time. If there are any concerns, I would always recommend that you discuss those with your surgeon.

Best of luck!

Swollen Nipples

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Contact your surgeon with your concerns.  He knows exactly what was done in your surgery.  Best wishes!

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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