Fluid Retention in Thighs 2 Weeks After Lipo - Normal?

I got lipo in my inner/outer thighs, arms and knees 15 days ago. My arms and my incision on my knees drained fluid for 12 days. After the holes closed, my thighs have swollen with fluid and my thighs look like bloated sausages...not to mention extreme discomfort and pain. I called to speak with the RN and she says what I'm experiencing is completely normal. What I don't understand is that I thought I should be feeling better two weeks out. My thighs looked and felt fine until my holes closd

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Swelling after liposuction

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Swelling can be normal after liposuction for more than a month, but some swelling can mean that compression garments are too constrictive at the calf and not allow enough drainage, or at times, excessive swelling can indicate there is a seroma.  If it is concerning to you, the surgeon should see you to evaluate your condition and reassure you.  Most patients find that the legs take much longer than the upper body to have swelling reduce itself, but it might be best for you to be examined.

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Recovery from liposuction

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In most cases the draining from the holes stops after 24 to 48 hours.  Draining during this time is good.  If you are still draining 12 days later, there is something unusual going on?  When you say "draining," how much fluid is coming out?  If you post pictures, we may also be able to give you more specific advice.  I would suggest making an appointment to see your surgeon, not just call and talk to the RN over the phone.


Good Luck.

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