How Much Fluid Was Fat From the 900cc That Was Removed With Vaser Lipo?

I had Vaser liposuction today and I was told I had 900CC removed from by abs. I didn't think to ask at the time, but how much of that was actually fat and not the injected fluid or blood?

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Fat removal after VASER Liposelection

The percentage of aspirate that is pure fat is dependent on many factors including how much fluid was infused into the area and the extent of emulsification of fat during VASER treatment. The answer to your question can only be provided by your surgeon. Ultimately the most important goal is the cosmetic result and not volume of fat removed.


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Different ways to define fat amount

Generally when surgeons talk about the amount of fat removed with liposuction, they mean the amount of fat that floats on top of the fluid in the container. We call this decanted fat. However if one needs to purify this decanted fat for some reason such as fat grafting, it is still possible to remove a lot more non fat material like oil, water, and blood. Up to 60-70% of decanted fat is water, blood and oil. So even though surgeons use decanted fat most often to record fat rmoved during liposuction, the actual purified fat amount is much less. In your case probably about 400cc

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Fat concentration with liposuction

How much fat was removed with liposuction for you is a question that you should ask your surgeon directly.

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