I'm having full trunk liposuction with fat transfer/grafting to my hips. Will my skin bounce back?

My surgeon doesn't want to go too flat on my stomach because he's afraid the skin might not bounce back as well. He examined my muscles and stated that they were still close. I was about 30 pounds lighter last year and my stomach looked amazing considering. Is it fair to assume if I went almost flat with the liposuction my skin would do the same as when I was thinner? I'm pretty conflicted. He says it might sag, but I know I want it to be flat. Other opinions would be nice. Thanks!

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There is often a delicate balance between fat removal and skin retraction. It sounds like a good plan by your surgeon.

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Skin tone after liposuction

Given that your photos demonstrate striae and stretch marks, it is unlikely that your skin tone will result in a flat abdomen. My concern is that you had a rapid and significant weight gain. Rather than surgery, why not try to get back to that starting point and then reassess?

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Liposuction - will my belly be flat?

Thank you for asking about your liposuction.
  • You appear to have had children - your tummy has stretch marks and your lower muscles are severely stretched - appearing to cause a sway back.
  • With stretch marks, your skin will not bounce back. 
  • Your muscles may be close but in profile, look severely stretched and in need of repair.
  • IF the lower abdomen fullness is entirely fat - liposuction is the right approach.
  • But if it is stretched muscle, a tummy tuck will be needed to have a flat tummy.
  • I suggest you see your plastic surgeon again and be sure that the issue is fat - not muscle.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FAC

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