Weird feeling in belly button after tummy tuck.

It's been one year almost exactly since my tummy tuck. Aside from a small dog ear scar, it looks fine. The problem, is that I constantly have a very weird, unpleasant feeling in and around my belly button. It's hard to describe, but almost like a pulling - especially when I'm standing or laying down. Incredibly uncomfortable. Is this normal?

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Weird feeling in belly button

No, what you are describing is not normal. Make an appointment with your surgeon to have this assessed in person. 
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Weird feeling in belly button after tummy tuck

Your TT/bb complaints can ONLY be addressed in an in person visit with a boarded PSs>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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Weird feeling by belly button

This is not normal and I wonder if you have maybe a hernia or a sensory nerve that is entrapped in this area.I would go back to your surgeon and have it checked out.

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