Crease/Indentation (Resembles a Butt-crack) Below the Belly Button After Full Tummy Tuck; 9 Days Post-op? (photo)

Hello, I'm growing concerned about the deep crease underneath my belly button as a result of my tummy tuck. It has been there since the day of surgery and when I told my Dr I was concerned, he said it would more than likely go away with time; although, he gave me some foam material to place over it to help spread the crease open. I'm concerned this won't go away on its own. I've seen others with the same issue and some went away whereas others didn't (worse than mine, crease above and below).

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Crease/Indentation (Resembles a Butt-crack) Below the Belly Button After Full Tummy Tuck; 9 Days Post-op?

Dear Monikaka,

Thank you for your photo and question.  Only time will tell if this will go away.  In plastic surgery, there are always compromises and trades we make.  In this case, a smaller incision was traded for having a little extra skin in the very front.  If this persists, a revision where the incision is extended will resolve this issue.

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Pablo Prichard, MD

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Crease/Indentation (Resembles a Butt-crack) Below the Belly Button After Full Tummy Tuck; 9 Days Post-op?

In my internet opinion and NEVER have seen you in person I believe the result of this "folding" of midline vertical tissue is the doing a shorter horizontal length incision. Thus the shorter the horizontal incision there is more bunching in the midline causing the "folding". Will this improve only time will tell. But if after 6 months still present than consider this a permanent issue. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Crease post tummy

Since you are only 9 days post op I would give it some time.This will improve and hopefully enough nothing el   needs to be

Robert Brueck, MD
Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon
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Abdominoplasty Crease

Thank you for your question and photo.  Although you have an excellent result.  The crease of the anterior abdomen is the result of skin redistribution due to use of a "high lateral tension" technique skin design.  This is where more skin is removed on the sides and less in the middle in order to get better waist definition and contour.  In some patients, this can lead to the finding you described. It can get better with time but in some cases may require a revision.  I would recommend that you follow your surgeon's instructions and wait for the edema to resolve in about 4-6 months.  If it is still a problem then, a discussion with your surgeon would be in order. Best wishes on your recovery.

Robert F. Centeno, MD, FACS
Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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"Butt crease" after tummy tucks

I presume your muscles were tightened as this is quite common.  The muscles being pulled towards the midline pull the overlying skin with it.  Even with generous undermining, you simply have more skin on the upper incision.  Throw in a lateral tension closure and you are going to have some skin excess in the midline.  This often does go away but if not, simple revisions in the office at a later date can resolve it.  Keep your doctor in the loop.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Crease after tummy tuck

It's definitely too early to tell. I would wait 1-2 months bonfire making and judgements. For now follow your surgeons post op directions and notify him/her of any changes. 

Raj S. Ambay, MD
Tampa Plastic Surgeon
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This May Get Better

Thank you for your picture.You are only nine days after surgery. There will be many changes in your contour of your abdomen for the better over the next 1 to 3 months. Please have some patience. Address any issues that are concerning after three months.

Dr. ES

Crease /identation

It  is   too  early  and  it  is true   this  dissapears   with    time ,      with  manual  massage   , ultrasound  and   girdle ,   by   6 month s    this  wil be   gone ,      be  patient   and  give it  the  time    is  needed

Cynthia Disla, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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