Colon Resection: Drainage from Incision?

My husband had a colon resection removing 12 in of colon plus appendix. 9 days Post-op he started 'leaking' and the sterry strips looked yucky. One became very loose and when we removed it, the leak flowed more. If he sits to use the bathroom (no straining) or stands it soaks a new gauze pad in about a minute. Doesn't smell but somewhat thin and slightly yellow/pink. How much is too much? Thank you!

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Incision drainage after colon surgery.


Incision drainage as you have described, after a bowel resection, warrants an immediate visit to your husband's surgeon. There is no substitute for an examination of the surgery site and appropriate and timely wound management.

I hope that your husbands problem resolves uneventfully and promptly under the care of his surgeon....

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Colon Resection: Drainage from Incision?

The amount you describe is enough to justify a visit to the surgeon, today. All the best. 

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Post operative

It sounds like your husband has an infection and should seek an opinion from his surgeon. 


Stephen Salerno

Colon Resection: Drainage from Incision?

Dear MI,

Thank  you for your post.  You should follow up with your general surgeon who did the procedure and let him know about this issue. 

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Pablo Prichard, MD

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Colon Resection: Drainage from Incision?

What you describe is currently “enough” to seek follow-up with your husband's surgeon, earlier that already scheduled if necessary. Your description is consistent with either a stitch abscess, wound infection, or (less likely) a fistula  between the G.I. tract and skin.

 Again, best to be checked by his surgeon as soon as possible.

 Best wishes.

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