What to Do About Growing Mole Near Eye?

I have a Growth beside my eye. It started out as cute and distinguishing little mole but its growing too much for me now. I've been to a dermatologist which said it wasn't harmful. I don't want it to get bigger. I have another growing in the same place on the other eye. What do I do?

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Mole removal

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Treatment options include shave excision or complete excision.  I recommend that you see a board certified facial plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon for an evaluation. 

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Eyelid moles can be removed by simple excision or with laser.

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Eyelid moles respond well to treatment.  The most difficult moles to treat are in the eyelash or eyebrow hairs.  Will careful excision of laser they can be removed with and excellent result.


Mark Taylor, MD
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