Will Benelli Lift Without Implants Help Small Sagging Breasts?

I have one child and breast fed for about 10 months. I wear size 34A bra. I am 5'6 and about 110-113 pounds. I am fine with having small breasts but I can't stand the loose skin, especially on my right breast. Will Benelli breast lift help? I really do not want breast implants. What are my options? Thanks.

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Benelli lift

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Periareolar lifts are very limited in their function. I doubt if you will get very much additional firmness to your breasts since the main characteristic is one of lack of volume. The sagging is not a primary problem but one related to the loss of volume. Any tightening procedure producing any significant firmness will cause decrease in the overall size of your breasts.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Benelli breast lift without implants can flatten breasts and won't help with firmness

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You do not need any kind of lift. Your main problem is deflation of your breast and no lift will address this adequately. The only thing that will help is breast augmentation. If you do not want to be fuller or have implants, then I don't recommend you have any procedure. The Benelli breast lift will not do anything for your breast shape or firmness. It can even make your breasts look flatter! The only thing that a Benelli lift could do for you is to reduce the size of your areola -- if this is important to you. Good luck!

Benelli Lift without Implants

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From this one photograph, you appear to have:
- a Breast asymmetry with the Right breast being both larger and lower on the chest wall than the left
- Asymmetrically placed nipples and large asymmetric areolas

If all you want to do is reduce the areolas and try and get the nipple areolar complexes more or less close to a symmetric location - a PERIARELAR MASTOPEXY (of which a Benelli is one) can be done.

A better option would be a Short Scar (Hall-Findlay) Mastopexy in which the breast is lifted and the tissue in the sagging potion is actually folded over and used to auto-augment the breasts for a perkier look. I prefer this method to the Benelli which flattens the breasts.

If you wanted more volume, an Augmentation Lift may be called for.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Will breast lift help you?

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 Areolar reduction can be done for you and the nipples can move very slightly higher but a Benelli lift won't do you any benefit without an implant.  Without an implant you'd be best to do nothing.  You can see many examples in my photo gallery on RealSelf.

A Benelli Lift will give you modest results

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I for one really do not like using anything other than very small implants with a Benelli lift. If you are looking for subtle changes and don't want implants, then a Benelli may be a good option.

Benelli lift without implants unlikely to give you a great result

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You have breast asymmetry which is apparent on your photos. The fold at the base of the right breast is lower than that on the left. In addition, the right nipple and areola are lower than that on the left and the right breast appears slightly larger. A Benelli lift can help reduce the size of the areola and bring about greater symmetry, but it won't help restore upper pole fullness and bring about a better breast shape. To do this, you really need to add an implant - even a small one will suffice.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

Breast lift without an implant for small breasts

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There would be very little in the way of improvement in your particular situation.  You would end up with a scar around the nipple with little change in your shape. If you are not interested in using an implant then it would be best not to consider surgery at all.

I would not do a breast lift, you need breast implants

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Your problem is one of no breast volume -- your nipples are above your inframammary folds and a lift, benelli or other would not help -- you need implants. They don't have to be large - but you need a filler.

Benelli lift without breast implants for small sagging breasts

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I agree with all the previous posters in general. You have choices to make and discuss with boarded plastic surgeons in consultation. First, you must realize your chest and breasts are uneven. Second, if you only want a Benelli or donut lift you can achieve some improvement, not much. You did not mention a areolar reduction, so I think you like the areolar size. To fill up the excess breast skin pocket you can do:

1. an L-shaped lift;

2. a Small implant;

3. Fat transfer to the deep breast or into the pectoral muscles;

4. the BRAVA device - foolish.

This gives you some information to research. Regards.

Benelli lift without implants.

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A benelli lift will achieve a slight correction in the skin redundancy and help to lift the nipple slightly as well as reduce the size of the areola. The other alternative is to perform a vertical mastopexy which is also known as the lollipop or tennis racket.

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