Is It Possible to Fix my Teeth Flaring/protrusion Without Extraction of 4 Teeth? (photo)

age:25. Braces on for about 12 months. Initial issues: a somewhat impacted upper canine and flaring. Initially, my ortho said he would try to straighten my teeth without extractions. My teeth are now straight but flare out just as much or more than before the braces. Is my only option to fix this to have 4 bicuspids removed? That is what my ortho is saying now. My mouth is already quite small and my tongue is large so I am concerned. very slight IPR was done on 5 teeth with no benefit I can see.

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Fixing flared out teeth

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Google "air rotor stripping" for an alternative to extractions, and talk to your orthodontist to see if you are a candidate. I have found Invisalign to be quite effective in combination with IPR to recline flared out teeth, but it can be done with braces too.

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