I have very big front teeth with a very gummy smile. How Can I Fix my Teeth? (photo)

I have very big front teeth with a very gummy smile. I feel as though they loook like bunny/horse teeth. Following the gumline on top, each tooth looks very defined giving a strange appearance (I think its much too gummy for my preference). Along with that I feel as though my teeth point inward especially on the sides. I would just like a nice beautiful full smile but I don't know what opperations or if it can be fixed. Also I am not sure the price range of these ops so estimates would be great thanks!

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Gummy Smile Correction Options

You have an attractive smile that, as you point out, tends to show quite a bit of your gums. There are several options available to treat a gummy smile. Your first step will be to schedule consultations with a specialist, such as a periodontist or cosmetic dentist, who can explain in detail the options for limiting the amount of gums revealed when you smile. You may also want to research orthodontists to discuss the possibility of braces. As for the cost, the price range will depend on the extent of the procedures you choose. Expect to pay $3,000 to $4,000 at a minimum for gummy smile correction.

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Big teeth/Gummy smile solutions

You need a full work-up with x-rays and study models. On a quick look at your smile, I suggest a couple of consultations with orthodontists that are skilled with complex esthetic cases. I would not recommend to just remove gum because this will make the front teeth look even larger. This would also expose root surface and make the teeth sensitive and possibly open spaces. The orthodontist may be able to intrude and retract the teeth with braces. This alone with reduce the gummy look and you may be very happy. If you want to get even better, then some carefull recontouring of the other teeth (not the front 2) will even things out so it is not so bunny looking.

Sometimes the issue is more of a skeletal issue and you may need upper jaw surgery to correct the gummy look. The orthodontist should be able to tell you this. The upper jaw can actually be moved up so that less gum shows. This is major jaw surgery but a good oral surgeon can give you great results.

If you don't want any of the above, then you are looking at very agressive gum surgery which will compromise the stability of the teeth, along with veneers and agressive grinding of teeth to get a nice result. I don't recommend this.

Good luck

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How to Fix My Gummy Smile

You are correct. You do show excessive gums when you smile, and your teeth do tilt inward. You should arrange for a consultation with 1 or 2 EXCELLENT cosmetic dentists in your area. There are a lot of choices, among them: Orthodontics, Periodontal Laser Gum Contouring, Porcelain Laminates.....

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