How to fix cheek depression and what is the approximate cost? (Photo)

I would not like to have a fat transfer because I don't want it to increase in size! what can be done to just make a surface of skin smooth ? I consulted a doctor before and a suggestion that i got is - subcision with tiny amount of filler ..and i kind of like that idea but want to hear more opinions (i want to get it done as less traumatic as possible)

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How to fix cheek depression and what is the approximate cost?

Many women do have this particular indentation in the cheek area.  I believe fillers will work for you to add a bit of volume to the area.  I would NOT use a permanent filler, but something like Perlane, Voluma, etc.  You will need to maintain these fillers, but they are quick and easy with minimal downtime.

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Volumizing Fillers Work Well For Mid-Face Rejuvenation

The triangular depressions in the mid cheek region depicted in the photo are a very common consequence of shrinkage and gravitational downward and inward descent of the once heart-shaped, robust, and convex fat pads that sit directly under the eyes in youth. 

Since the problem relates to the loss and displacement of volume with aging, the remediation is simple, replace the volume, which can be done in a matter of minutes in experienced hands with the use of volumizing filling agents. I have been performing subcisions for over twenty years and in my experience this approach is not appropriate for this kind of mid-face rejuvenation.

In my Upper East Side Manhattan practice, I would opt for instilling Voluma or Radiesse combined with Voluma. In my Israel practice, where a greater number of regulatory agency approved volumizers are available, I would inject Stylage XXL alone or in combination with Radiesse for this purpose. To treat both cheeks, the entire procedure should not take more than about ten minutes to perform and the results are immediate and typically gratifying. I urge consultation with a board certified aesthetic core physician with extensive experience in treating this area with all available agents.

Nelson Lee Novick, MD
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Filler is a good idea but which one to use

A filler can smoothen out the depressed areas but choice of filler is important.  Be careful with who you choose to inject. It's trickier than you think. Good luck!

Tae Ho Kim, MD
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Cheek depressions respond well with filler

Often, hollowing in the cheeks is treated with fillers.  A relatively straightforward procedure from a patient's standpoint, fillers are injected into the tissue beneath the cheek depression and plump it up.  If performed appropriately, fillers will not increase the size of the cheek itself.  The longevity of the improvement depends on which filler is placed, but a year would be typical.  Fat transfer can also be used.  For some, fat transfer will provide a permanent result.

Jonathan Sonne, MD
Naples Facial Plastic Surgeon
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