How long does the delayed onset nerve pain from cool sculpting last until it starts to let up?

It is so unbearable! I got cool sculpting Monday, around Thursday it became painful, and now it's Saturday and it's the worst it's been!! The only thing that helps is ice, and Bengay cooling gel is A LIFE SAVER! I'm going away on Monday -Tuesday and was wondering if it will be subsiding by then?

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How long does the delayed onset nerve pain from cool sculpting last until it starts to let up?

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You should contact your treating clinic. At times lyrica can be perscribed if the pain is very uncomfortable. 


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Discomfort After Coolsculpting

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Thank you for your question. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing discomfort after treatment. Coolsculpting is non invasive and discomfort is usually mild however in rare instances nerve pain can appear in which case I would recommend to followup with your physician since there are medications available that can help with the discomfort. Discomfort typically improves within a few days.

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When does the discomfort from Coolsculpting go away?

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In our practice we have done over 6000 coolsculpting treatments over the past six years. Routinely, our experience has shown that you will have some swelling for approximately one week after your procedure.  If you are in the minority of patient that has nerve discomfort from inflammation as your immune system takes away the dead fat cells, it starts on day 4 and lasts for one week.  The numbness can last 2-3 weeks.  We advise patients to take Advil or Motrin and to Ace-Wrap the area.   A handful of patients may require a Lidocaine patch.  You are falling right into the timeline I described and should start going away by your vacation!

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Coolsculpting an Discomfort

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You should consult your physician since there are prescription medications such as Neurontin which will relive this pain in a matter of days.  Please consult a specialist.  Best, Dr. Green

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