Filler to Make Bridge Wider to Fix Primary Asian Rhinoplasty?

Im 2 months post op and the bridge (rib cartilage) is too tall and too thin. It makes me look angry and old. Prior to my surgery, I had a very youthful face and alway pride myself of that luxury. The Asian look is always the cute and sweet but this rhinoplasty changed me into someone that not only doesn't look like me but aged me 10 years! So my question is, can I use filler to widen the bridge as most ethnic nose are wide ? The bridge between my eyes are what cause the old and angry look

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Fillers can modify surgical rhinoplasty results.

If you feel the bridge is too narrow, fillers can absolutely widen your bridge.  I really like fillers for nasal modifications because one can be extremely precise with the changes.  Search for someone who has a lot of experience with treating noses because your nose is so important to you and conceptually this can be a tricky area.

The good news is with a little research, you should absolutely be able to achieve a result you are happy with!

Good luck in your search for information!

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Why does your narrow nasal bridge make you look older and angry after Rhinoplasty Surgery?

I read your concern, and I'm not sure why your narrower nasal bridge, in between your eyes, after nose job surgery is causing you to appear older or angry. Feel free to repost your question with photos for the RealSelf experts to comment on. Dr. Joseph



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