What to Do with Filed Down Molar Crown?

My doctor placed a crown on a previous filled molar. It was too high so I wnet back. The doctor filled it down which feels a bit better but one sideof the crown feels uncomfortable the doctor di not believe me and walked out of the room. I am having so much trouble eating food, can the crown be fixed?

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Uncomfortable Dental Crown

As previously mentioned there needs to be trust in the doctor patient relationship.  If this is not there then you may need to find a better dental relationship.  As far as the crown goes, they can ususally be adjusted as long as there is adequate crown structure left to fine tune.  If it is thin in the area of needed adjustment, the crown may need to be replaced

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Fine tuning can take multiple visits

you may need to return for more filing, or bite adjusting.  Often this takes very little effort, but sometimes a few visits.  And once in a blue moon, the entire crown needs to be redone.


There is no "fault", as it could be a lab thing, could be a dentist thing, could even be a patient thing, so rather than find fault it is best to simply get it fixed.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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Usually it can be fixed ...

Usually a crown can be adjusted to make it "feel more comfortable".  Sometimes it just has to be redone. 

Crowns are a very predictable and excellent longterm solution for a broken down tooth.  However nothing is 100% predictable, and so sometimes the only way to fix something that isn't working is to redo it. 

Martin Frankel, DDS
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How to handle a crowned tooth that feels uncomfortable

Although many crowns once they are inserted have no problems some do require additional adjustment to make it comfortable.  We simply adjust the bite and normally all of the problems go away.  It is unfortunate that you had a poor experience but if you do not feel comfortable I would ask another dentist to take a look and see if they can make it better.

Leonard Tau, DMD
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Crown seconds opinion, prosthodontist

Unfortunately, you have to confront your dentist with this. If the porcelain is just rough, it can be smoothed down. However, if it is over-adjusted out of occlusion (bite), it must be redone. If you have any doubts, go see a prosthodontist, the specialist in restorative, cosmetic, and implant dentistry for an expert second opinion. Best of luck.

Zev Kaufman, DDS
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Filed Down Molar Crown

I find it so hard to comprehend how a doctor/patient relationship is so poor that one does not believe the other. Dentistry, as any other medical specialty, is first and foremost about the special trusting relationship between the 2. Any crown or restoration placed in a person's mouth must be carefully planned and fabricated to totally harmonize with that person's occlussion (the way the upper & lower teeth bite & slide across one another). If that is not perfect, something will fail: either the crown or the tooth above it, resulting in pain & discomfort. It is the dentist's duty & obligation to correct the occlusion.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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Crown Problem

I am really sorry to hear of your situation as you describe it.  Certainly there is a remedy for your situation.  If you feel that this doctor has been unprofessional, than you might seek the opinion of another.  Most crowns I place go in without adjustment.  It depends on the quality of the lab.  Cheaper crown prices leave no choice but for doctors to use cheaper materials and cheaper labs.  See if you can make a consultation with the best guys in the area for a quick consultation.  Make sure they are reputable in ethical and how they discuss you situation.  Then make the assessment whether you are able to go back to the first doctor and have him correct it or you feel better going with someone new.

Lawrence Singer, DMD
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