I Fell Down Some Stairs Backwards & Sideways, Could I Have Ruptured my Implant?

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I fell down stairs, should I be worried that I ruptured my implants?

I wouldn't worry, implants are very durable.  Keep an eye on it to see if you notice your breasts changing in any way such as shape, softness, etc.  It might not be a bad idea to get a physical exam and check in with your PS just to rule out any other possible complications.  ac

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I Fell Down Some Stairs Backwards & Sideways, Could I Have Ruptured my Implant?

Have you noticed any change in shape or size of your implants.  Saline implants will deflated pretty quick and you would notice a change in size.  With silicone implants, it would be much harder to tell.  If you have any concerns, you should see your PS and get examined.  May even need an MRI if he cannot tell.

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I Fell Down Some Stairs Backwards & Sideways, Could I Have Ruptured my Implant?

It's unlikely but it is possible to sustain damage to the surgical site, including the implant itself, as a result of trauma.  More likely is bleeding in the tissues overlying the implant but, at least in theory, the implant can be damaged.  Common signs would be distortion, swelling, pain, bleeding, fever, asymmetry, etc.  The best thing is to see your PS to be sure.

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Falling down stairs

unlikely will hurt your implant as your back/sides should have taken the brunt of the injury.  If you have saline implants, a rupture would be obvious.  If you have gel implants, if your breasts have not changed in characteristics, its probably fine.  See your surgeon if you wish to get an exam.

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It's almost impossible to rupture breast implant dramatic.

Breast implants are extremely durable devices relative to bursting. Even major trauma is unlikely to cause of implant to fail.

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Implant rupture after fall?

WIthout an exam it is difficult to tell you if your implant ruptured. I will say that implants are pretty durable devices.

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Unlikely that you injured your implant in your fall

It is very unlikely that you injured your implants during this fall.  The newer implants, made after 1999 are well constructed.  Most implants are able to withstand 3 times your body weight in force. Two times your body weight in force will cause rib fractures, 3 times your body weight in force can fracture the sternum and cause lung and heart contusions.  If you have any questions then see your plastic surgeon as soon as possible.  Especially if you notice a change in the shape and size of your breasts.  

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Implant rupture

It is unlikely but not impossible that you could have ruptured the implant. If it was saline, a blunt trauma would typically cause rapid deflation rather than a slow leak.  Silicone implants are unlikely to have been affected by such a fall.  If you have concerns, please see your plastic surgeon in followup.

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Rupture or injury of implants from falling

Assuming that you have silicone gel implants (if you had saline, a rupture would likely be obvious), it would be unlikely that you would have ruptured your implants in a fall. Today's gel implants can take an enormous amount of stress before rupturing, and you would probably injure your tissues before you ruptured your implant.  It is always best to have an evaluation by your surgeon in these instances, and if either of you have any concerns about the implants, an MRI can be obtained.

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Fall And Ruptured Implants

It is highly unlikely that you ruptured your breast implants from a fall.   I recommend that you schedule an appointment with your Plastic Surgeon for an exam, to put your mind at ease.

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