Septoplasty clear liquid.

I had a septoplasty 2 days ago and it bled for a day after, now today it is dripping clear liquid, no head ache though, is this normal after a septoplasty or no

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Drainage Post-Septoplasty

It is absolutely normal to experience clear fluid release post-septoplasty procedure, as the process of serous drainage is occurring. The fluid is simply the nasal mucosa reacting to the surgical trauma. Should you begin noticing any changes in color, consistency, or odor of the fluid, there may be a risk of infection. It is essential to maintain contact with your surgeon to report any changes of these kinds. Happy healing!

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Drainage after a septo

Thank you for your question.

It is very common to have drainage after a septoplasty. It may come out of the nostrils or down the back of the throat.  As long as it is clear, this is normal.  You may even have some brown (old blood) discharge as well at some point.  If the drainage turns green or develops an odor, then call your PS to be checked.  Good luck with healing.

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