Facetite - Safety of Subdermal Wand?

I'm trying to make a decision on Facetite, which uses radiofrequency not just on the surface but also through a wand inserted under the skin; hoping for advice. My concerns are with the safety of the sub-skin wand insertion. Is it possible that as this device is moved *under* skin, a facial nerve will be damaged? Also, is it possible that RF activity will trigger long-term continuous loss of facial fat? I realize I'm asking for pure speculation;no long-term studies available yet. Thanks so much.

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Radiofrequency facelift

Your concerns are valid and obvious red flags. Do not be the first on your block to get this procedure. Not only can it kill the fat but the degree of kill is not easy to control. I had a patient come to the office who underwent RF destruction of fat for lower eyelid puffiness at a university medical center. This was done without an incision or surgery. The problem was much more fat was killed on one side than the other. The result was asymmetry that is almost impossible to fix. If you kill more fat on the one side the patient would have an increasingly sunken eye appearance.

To prevent this I assume the surgeon would focus the RF at the undersurface of the skin. This is dangerous because the blood supply to the skin has already been partially severed by the act of putting the wand under the skin. Damaging the undersurface of the skin in an attempt to shrink it is misguided. This action has led to numerous cases of uncontrolled scarring that is often felt more than it is seen. Scar comes from the deeper layers of the skin. Just think of a scalding skin burn where the deeper burns create worse scars.

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