Long-Term Effects of Thread Lift

What happens to you face say ten,fifteen or 20 years after threads. Do the lines followed by the threads hold the skin tighter than the rest of the face forming strips of more taught and alternatively saggy skin where there are no threads?

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Long Term Effects of Thread Lift...

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Not usually, the threads will relax along with the facial tissues as time passes. Thismay require re-insertion of subsequent threads.

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"The clock keeps tickin": Thread lifts do not appear to hold

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In the USA, thread lifts have not been around that long and it is difficult to say. Your logic seems to make sense. However, in my limited experience, I have not observed aging of the untreated areas around the thread lifts. They seem to fall with the rest of the face.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Long term effects of Threadlifts are unknown

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Since Threadlifts are a part of relatively recent history there is no long term effect known.  Probably there will be little if any because that was why people stopped doing them in the first place.

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