Less Costly Thread Lift Alternatives?

I recently lost 112 lbs. and intend on losing more--about 25 lbs. My face is heavy, now I have heavy laugh lines and want to get rid of them. It was such a fast, dramatic change--I need to. Not having a lot of money, what other Thread lift alternatives in the same price range that last longer than Botox are there, if a thread lift is not the best idea?

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What you want cannot be achieved with Thread Lift or Botox

I whole heartedly agree with Dr A. What you desire CAN NOT be achieved by short cut measures, as a Thread Lift or Botox. In your case even without photos you would be wasting your $. Best of Luck and see a boarded plastic surgeon for a real evaluation.

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Thread Lift and Botox are NO substitute for Facelift with large skin laxity

I truly feel for you. You worked so hard to lose all that weight but the resulting cosmetic appearance revealed by the weight loss leaves a lot to be desired. The situation is analogous to what happens when the wind suddenly stops and a large sail deflates.

Neither Botox nor Thread sutures will do anything close to what you want them to do. Frankly, there are NO substitutes to properly lifting facial tissues to where they need to be and removing the excess skin. Attempting to do other treatments will only benefit the person(s) selling you such treatments - NOT you.

Dr. P. Aldea

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