Under eyes wrinkles didn't go away with Botox ( 3 times) , what are other alternatives? (photo)

i am 45 years old woman, i have an eye wrinkles problem that didn't go with botox for more than 3 times consecutively , and i think it got worth, i need to know if there is any solution for those wrinkles..thanks

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Under eye wrinkles

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I agree with the other physicians that Botox is not effective for wrinkles under the eyes. In fact, in some cases the Botox under the eyes can worsen the wrinkles. I recommend laser treatment for the wrinkles/crepey skin under the eyes. Fraxel laser is an excellent option as well as some radiofrequency devices such as Sublative. Best wishes.

Longmont Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lines under eyes

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Botox really isn't great for lines under the eyes. For that, I recommend a fractional laser treatment like Invasix Fractora. I've been doing this treatment specifically for this area and have great results. Botox just doesn't work well here because the lines are usually static and dynamic, meaning they are there when you move your muscles or when you don't. Consult a board-certified physician for options other than Botox.

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Under eye wrinkles not improved with Botox

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I normally find that wrinkles on the sides of the eyes are improved with Botox better than lines under the eyes.  Other treatments that could improve under eye wrinkles would be surgery or certain types of laser treatments.  You would need to be examined to determine if you might be a good candidate for these procedures.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Try A Combination Of Treatments For Best Results

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Botox is an excellent tool to help minimize eye wrinkles but it may not be the only thing needed. I would recommend some additional treatments such as lasers, possible filler to fill in any hollowness under the eyes and a great eye cream with retinols and peptides.

Many times it takes a combination of different treatments and techniques to achieve the desired results. You may have to look at some surgical options as well.

Botox for the eyes

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Botox works very well for the wrinkles around the eyes (crow's feet) but not very well for the wrinkles under the eyes.  I would suggest you look into other treatments such as eMatrix for the under eye area or Fraxel laser for these lines.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with a lot of experience in facial injections for the best results.

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