Eyelash Extension Person Said I Cannot Use Latisse While Novalashes Are On?

I realize the obvious. If my own lashes grow I won't need her anymore so... But I want to make sure I am not wasting the latisse... or the lash extensions. The extensions seem to stay on. And it has only been a week since I started the latisse. I have used it before, but not w glued on lash extensions. My question. Are they exclusive? Or will the Latisse work while the extentions are on?

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Latisse and Lash Extensions

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  If Latisse cannot get to its point of action then it will not be effective.  Latisse should be applied to clean lashes.

Using Latisse and eyelash extensions at the same time

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The glue from the eyelash extensions may prohibit some of the Latisse from effectively treating the area, but some of it will definitely get through. Most likely it just won't be the full amount, as the area will be inhibited by the glue, and Latisse is supposed to be applied to clean lashes.

Latisse can be used with eyelash extensions in place

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Latisse works by exending the growing time of the eyelash hair, resulting in a larger number of hairs being present and longer hairs.The presence of extensions would not impede the action of Latisse. Maybe she is concerned that the daily appplication of liquid drops at the base of the hair would make the extensions less stable ??

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