What is Latisse? What ingredients does it contain? Is it a natural type of medication?

What is Latisse? What ingredients does it contain? is it a natural type of medication? do you have to have unhealthy eyelashes in order to use this product (Latisse)? is it harmful for my eyelashes? does it have any side effects? can 15 year old girls use this product? does it make your eyelashes healthy? where can you buy Latisse? when should you apply it to your lashes? Thanks :)

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Latisse contains bimatoprost which boosts hair growth to give you longer, fuller and darker eyelashes. It is FDA approved. You can obtain a prescription through a doctor, who will first make sure the product is suitable for you. Side effects include itchiness, redness and dryness. Rare side effects include eye colour pigmentation changes.

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Latisse is recommended for adults 18-65 years of age. It is a prescription drug. So you would need to be evaluated by a doctor first.

The main ingredient of Latisse is Bimatoprost. This will extend the hair growth cycle of your eyelashes, allowing them to grow longer than they normally would. Your eyelashes do not have to be unhealthy. Latisse side effects are uncommon. But they may include: darkening of the eyelid skin, possible color change of the eyes (i.e. iris), redness and itching. You can apply Latisse in the morning, evening or any time of the day that works best for you.


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Latisse and Eyelash Growth

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   Latisse can grow healthy lashes longer and fuller.   There are side effects listed on the website, which are usually reversible.

What is Latisse

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Well that's a lot of questions! The website from Allergan, who makes Latisse, should be able to answer every question you have on here. Latisse is a prescription, available from specific physicians or pharmacies. Nearly 4 million kits have been sold and it's the only FDA approved product to grow your lashes longer, thicker, and darker.


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Thank you for your questions.

I believe it would be very helpful to you to visit the Latisse website to get all of the specific information you are wanting.

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